Rocking Red in North Beach

Guess whose in town this week? My momma! We have such a great time every time she visits. San Francisco is such a vibrant city, theres so much to see, do & EAT – the options are literally overwhelming. We spent our first night eating, drinking, and being merry in North Beach. I consider North Beach to be a European Melting pot. We had a taste of Austria, sip of Spain, bite of Italian, and morsel of France.
For dinner we dined at Calzone’s. This chic Italian restaurant. To be honest, the brick red walls adorned in vintage tomato sauce cans & aperol spritz bottles, checkered floors and neon lights drew us in. We shared an asparagus & salmon pasta that was cooked to al dente perfection.
S i d e N o t e: I knew it was meant to be to eat at Calzones when I saw that my sweater matched the walls. I never pass up a matchy-moment.
For desert we had raspberry filled Linzer cookies in the shape of hearts and a double shot of espresso. The cookies had such a soft, melt in your mouth texture and they were still warm from the oven. We ended up bringing a box of them home, along with a slice of tiramisu, and Ptichie Moloko (Birds Milk Cake). We’re basically living our best life this week.
Next door to the bakery was a deli. The deli was an experience on it’s own. Take a number, get in line, watch the meats be sliced and be cautious of the sausage links being wrung on the ceilings. We got a quarter pound of prosciutto, mortadella, provolone, and fresh ciabatta rolls. Thinking about a charcuterie board to take to the park.
Light Bite: We were still hungry from dinner and desert that we found our way to Chez Maman West, a French restaurant. We shared an order of the garlic pesto escargot and sipped some wine.
Drinks: All the walking and shopping (buying cold cuts & cookies) left us parched. We had a night cap at Anina. It was so much fun , we ordered the ‘Fairway’ but substituted the gin for tequila. It’s made with celery, cilantro, lime and sugar – I felt like I was having a green juice with alcohol – so I guess you can say it was healthy. I’m all about ‘balance.’
One day down and 3 more to go. Not sure what we we’re going to do the rest of the week, but I have some ideas in mind. Any recommendations? I think I want to take her to Coit Tower and SF Moma, but there’s no rush, I’m just happy we get to spend some time together. Tonight we’re staying in, ordering out and tomorrow is Thanksgiving, where we will be dining at House of Prime Rib with Hunter, his brother & mom.

Next time you’re in SF, come to North Beach. You won’t regret it. Order the pasta at Calzones, and get some cold cuts for sandwiches to have at the parks around the city.

VivalaFox XO Catalina


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