5 Stylish Tote Bags for the Working Girl

Good Morning Foxes xx How was everyone’s weekend? This week I made a HUGE change to my every day wardrobe. I’m taking classes this summer and approaching graduation; I was due for an upgrade. I ditched my backpack & bought a super stylish and might I add, SPACIOUS tote bag. Here’s why…

A typical day for me is spent going from class, to work, back to the library, over to the gym and on MUNI, so I carry a lot of stuff with me. You know my phone, laptop, reading materials, snacks, and other stuff I can’t leave the house without. Plus I felt like it was time I opted for something a little more fashion-forward and versatile. I can go out for dinner with my girlfriends, hop on a plane or tuck it away under my desk all the while still looking like I mean business.
With all of this in mind, I’ve rounded up my 5 of the coolest & budget friendly totes out there for the girl who is always on the go below. 
Longchamp Le Pliage Medium Shoulder ToteSlouchy Vegan ToteMICHAEL Michael Kors Brooklyn Large Leather ToteWomen's Topshop Faux Leather ToteTopshop Sarah Stud Mini Tote Bag


VivaLaFox XX Catalina

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