How I Stay Motivated to Workout

Happy Sunday babes! Recently I have been feeling a lot less motivated to work out or go to the gym, which is weird because I actually enjoy working out! I’ve noticed I’ll wake up, go to the gym and once I’m there I’m like “eh I’ll just run on the treadmill for 30 minutes.” Which is better than nothing especially on days where I have no time at all! So I sat down and thought about the reasons why I workout in the first place and why I’m probably not motivated.
Reasons Why I Workout:
Gives me energy through out the week
Relieves stress
I get a good night’s sleep
My body looks & feels great
Helps boost my metabolism
I pay for a monthly membership I should probably use

Why I’m Not Motivated:
Bored of my workouts (don’t know what to do!!)
Feeling rushed

So I came up with two solutions to get me back on track. The first solution was joining some group fitness classes. Luckily for me my gym (& membership) include access to classes like Zumba, Cycling, Yoga, Pilates, and Abs & Arms Bootcamp. If you don’t have a gym membership or your gym doesn’t host group class don’t worry! There are studios everywhere. Anyways..Based on my work and school schedule classes are great because they last anywhere between 45 mins to an hour and half, so I don’t feel like I have to rush. I’ll take a cycling class Monday morning at 8AM and a Bootcamp class Wednesdays night at 6:45PM. These classes keep me focused because I’m not going to just get up and leave. Plus they aren’t boring! I’ve made friends in some of these classes and I always leave feeling like I did something new or challenged myself to push through.
The second solution which mainly helped my boredom; was I created a Workout album in my phone. I’ve started saving photos of workouts I find on Pinterest or Instagram that are a combination of actual routines that last anywhere from 5 – 35 mins or just moves that target a specific area on the body. I also found some fun ones where you do 5 moves a day for 7 days to get a peachy butt. My favorite photo was one I found a week ago and it shows 36 different moves to work your abs including where exactly it targets. I’ll do a set of 2 moves x 20 reps each, repeat, rest and move on to the next 2 moves until I’ve gone through the whole list. I have my phone on me while I workout for music, so there is no excuse for me not to glance at a workout I’ve saved on my photos.
These hacks are so easy and I honestly recommend them to anyone who is also feeling a lot less motivated to workout or wants to start living a healthy lifestyle but doesn’t know where to begin. Keep in mind I am no fitness expert so this is just a suggestion.  Do you have any tips & hacks that help you stay motivated to live an active lifestyle or workout? I’d love to hear them 🙂
VivaLaFox XX Catalina

4 thoughts on “How I Stay Motivated to Workout

  1. I also have a Pintrest Portfolio on my phone for workouts. I have no time for the gym or classes but I try to do 30 minutes a day. My body motivates me… i love looking fit! Especially after two babies!

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