Oysterfest Music Festival 2017

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you’ve all had a good weekend. Yesterday, Hunter and I spent our afternoon at the San Francisco Oysterfest Music Festival in Golden Gate Park. We’ve both never been to the Oysterfest but since Hunter lives so close to the park, we decided why not check it out. Honestly there is nothing better than nice weather + live music + fresh seafood.


Right as we walked into the entrance there was a booth with a wheel of fun, (not sure what you call those, you know the ones you spin and win prizes?). If you know me, I never pass up an opportunity to win a prize or spin a wheel. We both spun and won pub crawl tickets for the 4th of July – how awesome is that? Especially that we won the same prize. There were live performances by Passion Pit, Kongos, Sir Sly, the Soft White Sixties and Panic is Perfect. All the dancing worked up an appetite, so we ordered a half dozen of BBQ oysters and a lobster roll. We washed it all down with an ice cold beer & a Golden Gate Mule.
I wish we got more photos of the bands performing but these screens shots from my Instagram story will do.


Today I think I’m just going to clean the house, bake some cookies, workout with Hunter & cook dinner. What are your plans today?

VivaLaFox XX Catalina


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