My Trip to Cabo San Lucas and What You Need to Know Before You Go

Hey guys happy Monday! I hope had a good weekend. Even though I’m on summer vacation, the last 3 weeks have been so busy and they are only about to get busier for me with work & summer school!
I recently got back from visiting Cabo San Lucas (& home in Orange County) and I am finally back in SF – so this post is about a week over due, my apologies.My mom always says “you need a vacation after a vacation” and that could not be more true! LOL, we got back last week and immediately I had so many things to do but no energy at all to: unpack, answer emails, do laundry, leave my bed or even talk to anyone, but now it’s time I share with you everything about my trip.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
We’ve both been to Cabo before – I was here last year, she a little while back, but this was our first mother daughter trip. I wanted this to the best (& relaxing) girls vacation ever!
Day 1: The first day of travel is always the hardest, especially with a 6am flight.We arrived at Marina Fiesta, which would be our home for the next 7 days; sipped margaritas by the pool and booked our excursions for the week. We wanted to do things we had both never done before in Cabo. Marina Fiesta is in the heart of the Marina, next to Medano Beach, has a view of Lovers Arch, and is minutes away from downtown so there was a lot of us to do, see and eat.
Day 2: We spent our day sightseeing Cabo San Lucas and had lunch at one of the best restaurants in town, Soloman’s Landing. This place is always so packed, the food is so fresh, staff is so friendly and you can’t beat the prices. We ordered a ceviche cocktail, huitlacoche tacos, huitlacoche enchiladas and way to many Modelos. Huitlacoche is a delicacy in latin cultures – it’s black corn. Modelos are special to my mom and I, not because they are so crisp and refreshing to drink, but because my grandmother always says that if she were to have one more beer it would be a Modelo.IMG_4362.jpgProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset
Day 3: We started our day having breakfast on the beach at the Office. This restaurant is so colorful – decked out with pink walls, glass hearts, tables on the sand shaded by big blue umbrellas and serves great food. After breakfast it was time to go camel-back riding! This is was such a fun day for both my mom and I since we love animals. Camels are not native in Mexico, so to be able to interact with this species was an unforgettable experience. We got to feed them (even kiss!) For dinner we went to Mi Casa. A mariachi band played 3 of my moms favorite songs: Spanish Eyes, and there were two little birdies named Paco & Pepe who would come out of their cage, and hand you a card with a fortune – so cute!

Day 4: We hadn’t laid out by the pool yet so we decided to spend our 4th day in Cabo doing just that! For dinner we took a sunset cruise (booze cruise) around the Arch, Lands End, Lovers Cove, and Pelican Rock.

Day 5: We visited the town of Todos Santos (All Saints) and checked out of the infamous Hotel California. If you’ve heard the song Hotel California by the Eagles, you know what I am taking about, “On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair.” Before we got to the hotel we stopped by a blanket manufacturer and saw that they still make everything by hand and foot – some of the blankets could take up to a year to make and that is how this family makes a living! Humbling and beautiful. We had lunch at Tequila Sunrise and left our mark on the wall.

Day 6: Beach day! The waters of Cabo San Lucas are so warm, calm and clear – I will miss this the most. We met some really nice locals, ate tons of fresh fruit and got one of the greatest tans ever. My whole skin felt exfoliated after a quick dip in the clear blue waters. For dinner we decided to do something other than Mexican food. We dined at Da’Vinci’s an Italian restaurant on the water.

Day 7: Time to go home, but before we left we stopped by our favorite bakery, where they make chicken mole empanadas – I can and will eat chicken mole for the rest of my life. LDTN9962.jpg
Things to Know Before You Visit Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur, Mexico. 

Currency/Cash vs. Cards: Mexico is pretty current when it comes to payment transactions, but I suggest taking enough cash to get you through your staycation. I used my cards only at the hotel and select restaurants, but used pesos and dollars every where else. It’s a good idea to let your bank know before you depart, how long and where you’ll be staying, so there are no issues (fraud) when using your cards abroad or checking your account balances. Do not exchange your dollars for pesos at the airport, their exchange rate is much lower then if you are able to get it in the US or at your hotel. Keep in mind if you are not familiar with the exchange rate & use dollars as payment, most places will only give you pesos in change – and every store and restaurant has a different rate.

Getting Around: Cabo San Lucas is a a tourist destination, so there are a ton of shared vans and taxis waiting outside the hotels, restaurants and along the water front. You can negotiate your fares but only if you know where you’re going. It’s a good idea to also let your hotel staff know who you are, room number, where you’re going and that they see you get into a vehicle, incase something out of the ordinary occurs – they will be on the look out for you.

WiFi/Cellphones: Our hotel had unlimited WiFi as long as you logged in using your Facebook or email address every two hours which is an upgrade from last year where WiFi was only accessible in the hotel lobby. Not all places have WiFi, and if they do make sure it is a secure connection. It’s best if you keep your phone on airplane mode the moment your land, to keep your phone from using roaming data. Data roaming charges can be very expensive if you aren’t cautious. If you’d like to make a phone call to the US or somewhere in Mexico, but do not have a cellular plan or calling card, the hotel will connect you for 15 pesos a minute which averages out to about a $1

Safety: Cabo San Lucas appeared to be very safe since it is a tourist destination, but my grandma always says “no te confies de nadie” which means do not trust anyone. Be weary of your surroundings, especially in a foreign location. There are scammers who will try to get you buy something or “come to this location” but use your best judgment.

Places to Eat: There are so many great places to eat in Cabo San Lucas!
For breakfast check out The Office – (Playa El Medano S/N 23473 Cabo San Lucas) or
Cabo Bakery (Lázaro Cárdenas 2501 23453 Cabo San Lucas)
For happy-hour check out Soloman’s Landing – as seen on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! (Wyndham Tesoro Los Cabos)
For lunch check out Tequila Sunrise (Calle Juárez S/N23050 Todos Santo)
For dinner check out Mi Casa (Av. Cabo San Lucas, s/n 23450) and Da’Vincis (Blvd.Marina 123450 Marina)

Places to Visit: Definitely do the Hotel California tour, it’s about an hour and half away from the Marina, you can do a tour or rent a car but it’s beautiful and worth spending the afternoon walking the town of Los Santos. Often times they hold street fairs too.
If you want to go snorkeling check out Chillenos Beach, the fish come right to you! You can rent the gear or schedule a tour through your hotel.
If you are interested in horseback riding, camel riding, ziplining, or ATV’ing plan your day with Wild Canyon Adventures! They will pick you up and drop you off, give you a tour, take photos, complimentary drinks and have a great restaurant to lounge at afterwards.

I’m already planning my next trip to Cabo San Lucas. I woke up with an aching in my heart last week knowing I wasn’t going to walk the marina, order a fresh espresso, hear laughter among the fisherman and feel the sun kiss my skin. Traveling is one of the best ways to experience life and culture – where do you want to travel too? Do you have a favorite place you’ve visited? Love to hear your stories & any tips for travel!

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