Top 5 Embroidered Script Tops

YAY for the weekend! I did not wake up feeling so great this morning. This cold came knocking on my door Wednesday night when I had a panic attack over a statistics assignment – (so glad this is my last math course before graduation) & has been knocking me down ever since. I lost sight for a second about being mindful & immediately panicked over something I knew so little about. Reason 147 – don’t lose sight of what is important (health) & be patient and mindful.
Maybe it was a sign getting sick. Granting me a day off to stay home and practice, practice, practice statistics. Okay, true story, I tried & ended up binge watching season 5 of GIRLS on HBO. I’m so sad it’s almost done! Do you guys watch GIRLS on HBO? What have you been watching lately, since I will need to start something else, pronto!
On a more up beat note, a sweet friend of mine made me this super rad top that says VivaLaFox in red embroidered script! Definitely the highlight of my week receiving this beaut. I love a good white tee, but lately I’ve been into added embroidered script or detailing – it’s subtle & gives a “I’m a rad” chick vibe. Hunter’s shirt is from Laguna Surf & Sport, and yes we matched the other night, but I guess it shows how versatile this current look is? LOL. Below are my top 5 embroidered tops; including the link to Drew Decker’s Instagram, (she made my top!) Check out her current work.

            Maison Jules Oh La La Embroidered T-Shirt,MADEWELL Embroidered Whisper Cotton Split-Neck Tee in Estelle StripeT shirtNasty Gal Heidi Embroidered Tee

1.Drew Decker!!!!
2.Oh La La by Maison Jules
3.Muah! by Madewell
4.Lover Tee 
5.Heart by NastyGal

VLF Catalina xo

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