There’s Coconut Oil for That

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Mine came & went waaay too fast. Have you guys heard of coconut oil? It’s become a trend – there are over 100+ uses for a jar of coconut oil, let alone 1 tsp can go a long way! Coconut oil is a natural fat that assists in boosting your metabolism, moisturizing your skin,  freshening your breath, reducing inflammation and the list goes on.
I’ve incorporated coconut oil into my daily lifestyle & I wanted to share with you four of my favorite ways I use coconut oil &  how I benefit from these uses. These uses happen to be my weekend morning rituals – but you can try any of these any time of day!

Teeth Pulling
+Swish & pull 1 Tsp. of coconut oil in your mouth for 10-20 mins on an empty stomach.
+Coconut oil is antibacterial, so it fights tooth decay, gum disease, freshens breath & whitens teeth
Bullet Proof Coffee
+Blend a cup of coffee with 1 Tsp. of coconut oil + 1 Tsp. of grass-fed butter + a splash of vanilla extract (a little bit of sugar works too)
+This is considered to be a meal replacement due of the amounts of natural fats found in the coconut oil & butter, but it gives you a jolt of energy, prevents crashing & surpresses your appetite.
+You might think starting your morning drinking butter will make you gain weight, but the healthy fats (like those in an avocado) set your body into fat burning mode for the rest of the day.
Breakfast! Toast & Scrambled Eggs
+First, I don’t toast my bread. I cook it in a pan, so I guess I fry it? And I don’t use butter – I lightly spread coconut oil & cook till it’s golden brown on both sides. Trust me, it tastes good.
+I cook almost everything in coconut oil, especially my eggs! The flavor is delicious & my food does not burn or drown in puddles of grease. Compared to cooking with other oils & butters that burn quickly, Coconut oil can withstand high temperatures & retain all it’s nutritional components (saturated fats & fatty acids) – yes you read that correctly, nutritional FATS!
Lip Balm
+Say goodbye to chapstick – coconut oil is your new best friend – for your lips & skin.
+ Using your fingertips, smear a little bit of coconut oil over your lips for a smooth finish. They will feel, smell, look, & taste amazing. You can apply it to your hands, elbows, shoulders, wherever & I promise your skill will feel so smooth & glow.
+Coconut oil melts once applied to the skin without leaving any residue or clogging your pores. It moisturizes the skin as well as protects it from dryness & sunburns.
++Another great way to use coconut oil as a moisturizer, is melt 1 Tbsp. in a bath of warm water. This is definitely how I start & end my weekends.

I’m telling you, there are a ton of ways you can use Coconut Oil. How do you use coconut oil? Try my suggested uses and let me know what you think.

xx VivaLaFox


2 thoughts on “There’s Coconut Oil for That

  1. I love using coconut oil as an after shower moisturizer! One trick that I do after I shower is warming up coconut oil in a glass bowl, since coconut oil melts fast I usually microwave for like 10 seconds. Right after I get out of the shower I like to use the melted oil as my lotion and it feels great for my skin, especially during winter when my skin is extra dry. I feel like it gives me extra moisture without leaving my skin feel super greasy. It really helped my dry skin!

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