Valentines Day: Rock N’ Roll Edition

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This year, Hunter and I are going old school and enjoying Valentine’s Day the classic way. We are not spending $$$ on plush bears, boxes of chocolate or pre fixe menus . We are going to have a regular date night at home doing the things we love, surrounded by things we love. Valentine’s Day is another pressured filled holiday… “He didn’t buy me flowers”…”I forgot to buy her flowers”…There is no rule book that says Valentines Day is too be spent with ____ & a lot of ____. Hunter & I have decided to write our own Valentine’s Day rule book – to take the pressure off the both of us.
+There is going to be “A Whole Lotta of LOVE” brought to us by Led Zeppelin and some other classic rock artists. Oh, Oui Oui
+Hunter will cook us dinner, and I will tackle dessert (macarons, chocolate dipped strawberries) Oh, Oui Oui 
+There will be whiskey, to make us frisky. Oh, Oui Oui 
+Candles lit. Bubble bath drawn. Movie playing. A round of poker played. Oh, Oui Oui 
+Maybe even a gift from me to him and he to me. Oh, Oui Oui
+What’s so fiery red hot about all that? We’re still going to dress to impress even though we will be staying in. Oh, Oui Oui 
I do love Valentine’s day. Red & pink hearts & roses every where, but it can be too much. Love to me is not all that tied with a bow. So if you are wondering what you are going to do this Valentine’s Day – remember that there is no rulebook that says how the day is to be spent. Write your own rulebook. Do what you love, with whom you love & find someone who will surprise you with even more things you LOVE.



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