Closet Cleanse

img_0180In 2017, I’m going to practice being more patient with myself and with others, blog once a week, call my family during the week, explore my city, practice my Spanish, love myself, stay active, and save money! But Monday night I thought about adding another resolution to my list; actually a resolution I ignored last year.
In 2016 I WAS going to clean out my closet and get rid of everything I did not wear in 2015. Sounds more like a task than a resolution- but I see it as a way of cleansing. Time to let go of that sequined top worn in 2014, move on from the idea that there will be a time & place for it to be worn, and make room for new & better things! I mean clothes, (see what I did there; now it seems like a cleanse; I’m letting go, moving on, and ready to hang up something new).
The truth is that I DID clean out my closet in 2016, just not for the reasons intended. I found other, easily accessible places to put away my clothes. Had no other choice but to donate 2 huge bags of clothes when I moved out in May because I needed to make space for useful things, like my printer.
Anyways, last night I thought to myself, “the new year is still relevant, now’s the time to do this cleanse and fulfill this resolution.” I took out everything I did not wear in 2016 (I bet I didn’t wear them in 2015 either) and made a mess on my bed. A lot of these items are still current and trendy that I’ve decided to list them online ($$$ to fill up those empty hangers or pay for my expensive martinis) and the rest I have donated. It’s a breath of fresh air to let go of items that once meant something to me and a relief to see my closet organized. 


How do you say goodbye to the past & welcome the new year? Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Fulfilled any yet or given up on a few? I’d love to hear yours! I’m going to do a self-evaluation through out the year to make sure I am keeping up with all of mine.

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