How To Pamper & Prep Your Way into 2017

balloonsThe countdown begins, with NYE being less than 3 days away! I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions this morning like:
Did I accomplish everything I wanted to in 2016? Should I have done more? Am I bad person for forgetting a couple people’s birthdays? Will I fit in my NYE dress? What is 2017 going to be like?
Ultimately I should be focused on relaxing. Reflection is good but you must always remember you cannot go back but only forward. That’s why I’ve decided to Pamper & Prepare myself for 2017. I’m going in to the New Year with a clear mind, healthy attitude and look even better doing it.

I know that NYE is a big day not just for me but for many of you, so I wanted to share the steps I’m going to take over the next 3days to get glowing skin, have an abundance of energy, fit in my NYE dress and be ready for everything & anything 2017 has to offer.

First thing, increase your water intake. Water is nature’s gift to us. It hydrates our skin, our body, and flushes out unwanted toxins. Tip: Before your morning cup of coffee, have a cup of warm water with lemon. It’s sure to wake you right up!

Women's Herbivore Botanicals 'Rose Hibiscus' Hydrating Face Mist

Rose Water Hydrating Face Mist. I spray this on my face religiously, 3x a day to be exact. You can spray it on a clean fresh face or even over your makeup. I do it in the morning& right before bed after washing my face and once mid-day when I start to feel sluggish. It tones, soothes, & hydrates all in one mist – it smells amazing too! I use Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus Face Mist from Nordstrom.

You are what you eat. Okay not exactly, but what you put into your body reflects how you look & feel. I’m cutting out dairy & breads; having only three meals a day consisting of lean protein (fish, eggs, chicken, pork tenderloin, almonds, avocado), vegetables, & fruit. I would suggest avoiding sweets as well, but I can’t seem to give up my two pieces of dark chocolate I eat every night.
Since we’re on the topic of food. I love Nekter’s Charcoal Skinny Lemonade & Lean Greens Juice. The Charcoal blend helps reduce bloating and hydrates skin (just what I want!) & the Lean Greens helps suppress appetites (perfect so I don’t feel tempted to over indulge). If you want to try going on a juice cleanse, check out Nektar – right now they have a limited time offer of a one day cleanse for $39!

Advanced Greens | Nekter Juice BarCharcoal Skinny Lemonade | Nekter Juice Bar
Lastly, first thing in the morning dedicate 15 minutes to yourself. I’m going to spend my time using my SworkIt App and do a mix of Yoga, Abs, & Cardio, but you can do whatever you want as long as you feel relaxed. Don’t jump right into your day & feel immediately overwhelmed, stretch, read, go for a walk, meditate, etc.
I hope that by Saturday night I will feel & look amazing . I’m going to a friends house this New Years Eve and I’ll be sure not to miss the ball drop, have my new Years kiss xoxo, & eat my 12 grapes that will bring me luck for the next year! What are your plans this New Years Eve; are you going out, staying in, watching the ball drop, any plans? How do you prepare for New Years Eve or are you just ready to take on 2017?  I wish you all the best. 2016 has been a year for the books & I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!

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