Our Plane Ride Turned Sleigh Ride


Just wrapped up finals, so that means it’s time to head home for the holidays! Home for me is back in SoCal, where’s home for you? The plane ride home takes no more than an hour from SFO to SNA airport; there’s only so much I can do – listen to music, read & nap for 15 mins then I prepare for the final descent. But this year my flight home was going to be different; Hunter was flying home with me which meant there was an opportunity for it to be great.
Flying home together only made sense because we grew up down the street from one another and I will do anything not to sit next to a random – I’ve had my fair share of encounters around this time of year.
The moment we got on that plane I wanted us to forget about reality and get in the holiday spirit. We both had long weeks: I had finals & he celebrated his twenty-third birthday at work. Now the question is, how was I going to get us feeling holly & jolly in such a short amount of time? With Irish Coffees of course. Sure, we could’ve enjoyed  Eggnog but we love Irish Coffee, it’s a thing of ours.
Background Information: Coffee is something we both love & to mix it with Baileys cream and Jameson Irish Whiskey; one is bound to be warmed up on a frosty night. 
This year I won’t be joining Hunter and his family for Christmas Eve but I didn’t want there to be a hiccup in the tradition. As soon as we reached 32,000ft in the air, I surprised him with an Irish Coffee mix I had made for the both of us. All we needed to do was order the in-flight made coffee.
Hunter loved his surprise. The best gifts at times are the ones that truly mean something to both parties and 50% of the effort put into making the gifts are purely love.
Here’s my Recipe/DIY to make your next Plane Ride a Sleigh Ride this holiday season:
Sleigh Ride
An Irish Coffee Inspired Recipe
1. Politely Order Coffee from your SturdiestIn your empty cup pour…
2. Bottle of Jameson
3. Half or Whole Bottle of Baileys
(depending on how naughty you want to be)
4. Coffee
Stir Irish Coffee with Peppermint Candy Cane
Now Sit Back & Enjoy the Flight
I bought these cute Santa Cups from Daiso but any cups will do. In the spirit of Christmas (and his birthday) this goodie bag was a “gift” so I typed up a cute & witty gift tag “To the boy who has been naughty all year…”The candy canes were obviously to enhance the holiday spirit – you won’t see a Ponderosa Pine all strung with colorful lights on your plane – These were just little things to really tie everything together. Now this recipe can be altered to fit you & your partners drinking preferences as well as occasion. Have fun with it add candles for a birthday or umbrellas to symbolize the tropical vacation you are heading too. 

Have fun this holiday season with loved ones. Remember that the best gifts are the ones you can’t buy & are rare to have.



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