Whats In My Bag: November

Whats In My Bag: November

Cardholders. I’m all about cardholders this season, especially when going out to dinner with friends or a night of dancing. They’re small and hold only what you need: ID, emergency c.card & cash! So often I find myself changing my purse or wallet just for a night out and I rush doing so – I end up misplacing a card.Cardholders simplify the process. I like this one from Kate Spade because it’s sleek. The deep purple is perfect for fall tones & gives this card holder an edgy yet sophisticated look.
Fingerless Golves. The temperatures are beginning to drop, but that does not mean you need to cover up that manicure you treated yourself too! Fingerless gloves allow you to text, scroll, and call an Uber while you shield yourself from the chilling air November brings (Does anyone else hate when their hands get dry??)- they are also super stylish to add to your wardrobe even if it isn’t windy out.
Nail Color. I love dark nails but this metallic polish from Essie “Penny Talk” just speaks to my November//Fall loving soul. I don’t know how to describe this color; it’s soft, subtle but stands out. It’s not too peachy, orangey or copper-ish, but just perfect! It reminds me of a gingerbread soy latte and the leaves on trees changing color.
Sugarfina Gummy Bears. If you don’t live near a Sugarfina, you can find these sweet treats in Nordstrom’s or shop them online. Sugarfina is constantly coming out with new flavors and they sell out quick, so be sure to get on their mailing list. I love the Champagne flavored gummy bears; I sneak a couple in throughout the day & I feel immediately transported to Sunday Brunch – no really they taste better than brunch! I like getting the cubes; they make great gifts and are just the right amount to satisfy your sweet tooth throughout the month, but you can also customize and fill your own bento box with a mix of their flavors.
Beanies. Keep your head warm, your hair in place, and add to your wardrobe. If you’re feeling lazy but are willing to walk in the rain for coffee, put on a beanie. If you’re going to the movies but don’t those curls you spent an hour on blowing in the wind, put on a beanie. Going to Tahoe where it snows, put on a beanie. I love a good beanie. Pom Poms make them fun, cashmere ones are sexy and lately I’ve been styling mine by pinning vintage beaded brooches like 8 point stars or butterflies on them.
Oversized Sunglasses. Quoting the fabulous Nicole Richie, “I wear glasses, I know everything” Need I say more? Oversized glasses are just chic. No one knows what you’re thinking, but they know you look good.
Coffee Mugs. Okay, you won’t find a coffee mug in my bag, well you might – I love coffee – but this is the time of the year where coffee shops are coming out with new blends, Sunday mornings are meant to be spent in bed, or you find yourself “gathering” near the fireplace with family & friends and you sip something hot. Find yourself a mug that fits well in your hand & embodies you. 

I love November. This is the time where you really see and feel the seasons change. The year is coming to an end, but it always feels like it’s just starting for me; how about you? This month I am looking forward to going home and spending time with family, sleeping in on the weekends, watching the Packers&Patriots and eating tons of food! What do you like about fall? What are your November must-haves? Comment&Subscribe!


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