Whats In My Bag: October

Whats In My Bag: October

Here’s everything you’ll find in my bag this October.
I love this color ‘Spiked With Style’ from Essie. It’s the perfect transition into fall from all those light summery pastel shades. It’s a deep red that reminds me of my Cocobon wine from Trader Joe’s and it’s from their Gel Couture collection; so the shine lasts longer than their regular polishes.
I ordered this phone case from Zero Gravity LA not to long ago and can’t wait for it to arrive. Doesn’t it just remind you of the wildflowers that grow all year round? Or a piece from Alice + Olivia collection?
 I feel like this is an accessory that can tie almost any outfit together this fall. (Maybe a black velvet blouse paired with dark denim skinny jeans, riding boots and a navy blue skinny scarf). It’s beautiful, designed in LA, and plus it can wrap around my whole phone.
Sweetbitter written by Stephanie Danler is witty, charming and about a girl in her early twenties navigating life on her own in a new city, New York City. It’s keeping me entertained while riding the muni.
I’ve been eating RXBARs for a couple of months now and it’s safe to say I am obsessed. I buy them at Whole Foods and Trader Joes but just recently started buying their Sample Pack online! They’re filled with all natural ingredients and NO B.S.!! A convenient on the go snack. These bars are great before & after a workout, while studying and keep me from getting HANGRY.
Now lets talk about these Butterfly hair pins from Nasty Gal. I keep these beauties in my purse to pin back those fly-a-way hairs or when I feel like giving my messy bun a chic princess Marie Antoinette look. (Fall is here and in San Francisco the wind tends to pick up, so those fly-a-way hairs are a real concern). These pins are so small that they literally take up no space in my bag and they can doll up any hairstyle. I might just keep them in my bag the rest of the year. 

What’s in your bag this October? Reading any good books? What do you always have in your bag and what for? I’d love to know – I might just end up throwing it in my bag in the future. Comment & subscribe.


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