Moms In Town

Okay you guys it’s been a busy couple of weeks; I successfully completed my internship with Target, started the fall semester, attended a few events & my mom came to visit! It was such a surprise for her to come up & I was nervous for her to see my place (Oh yeah I moved into my own place, a studio – big girl moment) but it was a good surprise because I missed home & had no time for a summer vacation this year.
This was her longest stay in San Francisco; a solid 5 days. Finally got some time to show her San Francisco.We ate good food, drank tons of wine, hiked, visited some sights in the city and most of all laughed. Her first night we loaded up on wine, cheese & macaroons from Trader Joes then I cooked us salmon paired with a side fig salad (not pictured X too hungry).
Day 1: Had a light picnic in Golden Gate Park then went to the Japanese Tea Garden. Afterwards we went to the San Francisco Athletic Club (bar) where Hunter met us for some preseason NFL. Go Pack Go! NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS!

Day 2: My mom tried Philz Coffee for the first time. She is officially a Philtered Soul – pun intended. If you’ve never been, go! Order the Philtered Soul and ask them to make it Philz way sweet & creamy – ITS SO GOOD. Every day she woke up asking me to take her back. We then checked out the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building and got some yummy sushi from Delica to take home.

Day 3: Hiked Lands End. Went home, napped, gossiped, opened a bottle of wine & watched Seinfeld.

Day 4: Had brunch in the Marina at the Tipsy Pig with Hunter. Definitely a new favorite place to eat at. I got the Goat-Cheese Chive Scramble, Hunter had the Benedict and my mom had the Pulled Pork Hash. Afterwards we walked to the Palace of Fine Arts since it was so close by, and we BRUNCHED. Funny side note: I asked a gentleman to take a picture of us and as he grabbed the camera out of my hand he sneezed on me! & then he promptly to a picture of the scene behind us. It was a good laugh.

Day 5: Our last day together. We hiked lands end again, enjoyed dinner at Alamo Square Seafood Grill in Pac Heights. For desert we went to Smitten down the street.
I had so much fun with my mom and our little vacay exploring the city. It’s now September and I have such a busy month ahead – I can’t wait to share it with y’all. P.S my mom loved my place, hint hint I might do a post on how to decorate a small space and some recipes for that girl whose busy & wants to live a healthy lifestyle but still drink wine…kidding..or am I? 


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