Take Me Back to Outside Lands

I would honestly say that last Sunday, August 7, was and has been one of my favorite days of 2016. I went to Outside Lands – a 3-day music and art festival hosted annually in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

Funny side note: I didn’t plan on attending OSL but Friday night Hunter & I went out for sushi at Tataki where we met this rad chick who not only suggested some rolls for us to try (get the extinguisher, it’s served on fire!) but gifted us tickets to the concert!
A couple of our friends were going to be at Outside Lands on Sunday so we planned to all meet up and go together midday. Lucky for us Sunday was the only day that the sun came out to shine on festival goers; talk about a perfect summer afternoon. The lineup on Sunday was insane; we decided what artists we wanted to see (wish we could’ve seen them all!!) what stages they’d be at and what time they would perform. We saw Snakhips, Third Eye Blind, Griz, Chance the Rapper, Rufus Du Sol (THEY KILLED IT), Major Lazer and Lana Del Rey. I could’ve danced the night away watching Rufus Du Sol perform. Lana Del Rey was great because almost everyone in the audience sang in unison with her to ‘Blue Jeans’ and ‘Summertime Saddness.’ Between all the dancing and walking we got thirsty and hungry – we visited House by Heineken and Beer Camp hosted by Sierra Nevada where we had cold beers, sipped cocktails and ate juicy slices of watermelon.
For my wardrobe I paired a black lace halter with faded black denim capris, white converse (they were comfy to dance in but now they are dirty…) a jean jacket with a sewn handkerchief that has a map of SF – it was gifted to me in 6th grade by a neighbor, who knew I would be living in San Francisco 11 years later! A black leather backpack . And tons of vintage accessories I took from my mom.

At the end of the night, a stampede of people walked through Golden Gate park to get to find their Ubers and hotdog vendors lined the streets. It was such a warm night that we walked a good distance of the ways home. Outside Lands, I will see you next year!


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