Rock n’ Roses with the Grateful Dead

Last night I attended my first Dead concert; an experience I will never forget. Hunter and I were informed to arrive early at the Shoreline Amphitheater, because when the Grateful Dead perform, the village follows. The Village was a culture without religion – Dead fans in tie dye gear spreading groovy vibes and tailgating with good drinks and homemade burritos hours before the performance.
I knew it would be warmer in Mountain View than in the city so I wore a cute floral print tie-front romper from Fx21, and Vince Camuto booties. We had lawn seats, so I wanted to wear shoes that I wouldn’t mind getting a little mud on & were comfortable to dance all night in. We rented lawn chairs once we were in the venue, they were $5 each – so worth it!
The concert was amazing. It was the last show of their Great & Dead summer tour. John Mayer was also in attendance performing guitar & singing with the band. The audience was a mixture of people who partied in the 70’s and people in their 20’s. We sat next to some great people who told us stories of their past Dead concerts. One guy gave Hunter a balloon and he wrote a message and sent it out into the world (well the audience). I’m definitely a dead fan now, so don’t be surprised if I attend another  one of their concerts in the future.


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