5 Ways to Stay Hydrated + Glow all Summer

Summer is here which means a lot of things. Vacation vibes are more than just a day dream; temperatures are on the rise, your days are spent outside (sunset is at 8:30pm!), you’ve ditched the fake tan & opted for an au natural bronze glow (you confidently show it off after sleeping for 4 hours in the sun), fresh foods are in & hot foods are out, & you have a thirst to quench! Our bodies are made up of 50%+ of water & throughout the day we tend to lose that water; studies suggest we drink 8-8ounce glasses of water a day to stay hydrated! That is a lot. Water is considered to be a miracle drink – it can do wonders for the body – but for some it can be blah and taste blah. This summer try eating & drinking these simple foods that will guarantee you stay hydrated & glow from the inside out all summer long.

Coconut H2O
clears & tones skin, also eliminates excess oils!
ultimate hangover remedy
reduces muscle fatigue (high^ in potassium)

Lemon or Fruit Detox Water
quick & easy to make at home
flushes toxins
fuller longer
boosts metabolism
aids weight loss

Iced Coffe
full of antioxidants
improves mood

FRUIT: Cucumber & Watermelon
they are 95% water
taste great
watermelon is loaded with Lycopene – which protects the skin from sun damage (HOLA, you can find me laying out by the pool!)

Homemade Popsicles
quick & easy – blend fruits, vegetables, juice & water and freeze!
great for guests
eat as a desert! fills you up – no need for excess sugar

You don’t have to limit your 64oz daily intake of water to only water – get it from these foods & drinks this summer. Let me know how you end up feeling (hydrated & glowing from the outside-in & inside-out) Would love to hear what you do to stay hydrated, any tips are always welcome!
VivaLaFox. xx


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