Sábado Soleado: Sunny Saturday

Shoes: Nike Aire Max // Sunglasses: Cole Haan

So every morning when I’m back home I start my day with a cup (okay 3) of coffee & a walk down to Salt Creek Beach, but this morning when I woke up, opened the blinds – the day was looking to be absolutely gorgeous. I knew I was going to spend my day outside.
There is this cute coffee shop in old town San Juan Capistrano called Hidden House coffee; it is behind the train tracks and neighbors one of the 40 Missions in California. I invited my mom & treated her to her favorite vanilla latte. By the time we finished our lattes, it was already 75 degrees and only 9:30 am, so we decided to keep walking around old town. The town is dedicated preserving the historical background of the Mission San Juan Capistrano and there is so much culture. We walked up & down Los Rios street, a dirt road bordered by cacti and bougainvillea and all we could hear was the sounds of the church bells ringing and train leaving. After awhile of shopping doing a self guided tour our appetites growled. We dined at this place called Sol Agave that serves authentic Mexican and baja cuisine. I had the shrimp fajita salad & my mom had the pescado del mar tacos.
I’m still so full but we’re back home now and enjoying the sunshine from the terrace. I hope the weather continues to be nice – I’m going to Catalina Island this week for a DAYcation with my mom and good friend Osman. Currently I’m unWINEding with some rosé & waiting for my pictures to load. Next time you’re in California or in SoCal, visit old town San Juan Capistrano – take the train, have some lunch, and enjoy the culture. xx


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