How To Ace Your Exams, Study Guide

The end of the semester is approaching, which means: FINALS WEEK. During this time some of you may have a handful of assignments to submit that you put off all semester, and others may be reviewing the entire semester’s course material for your 8:00am final next week because you were too busy trying out Snapchat filters. Whatever your finals week schedule looks like, just know that you are going to get through it. Heres how:

Genius Study Guide

Get Organized– Mark your calendars with all your important upcoming dates & what you need to do to prepare (i.e. study or DUE BY MIDNIGHT) I like to use the calendar on my iPhone because it will sync with my all my email accounts & I can set an alarm as the day approaches. The key is to make it visible, so if you don’t have a planner or aren’t tech savvy, leave a post-it on your desk!
Stay Hydrated- Trust me, water will revive you.
Have a BIG Breakfast- You need food to function. Food will give you energy, so make sure you set enough time in to morning to eat.
Pack SnacksIf you know you have a big exam in the morning or are planning to spend the day at the library; pack snacks the night before. One of the worst feelings in the world is feeling hungry – it can also be a distraction because you start thinking about that PIZZA you want to order. Choose foods that are easy to pack, odorless, don’t require a ton of napkins & don’t need to be heated. My favorite snacks are: Sugar Snap Peas, Grapes, Bounce Balls, Carrots, Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn – just to name a few.
Listen to Music Music is a neutral distraction. Put on something you know is positive and won’t put you to sleep. Depending on my mood, I like to listen to Fleetwood Mac or Beyonce.
Beauty Sleep Go to bed early, or if you prefer to stay up, just make sure to get 8hrs of sleep. Your performance will be much better after a good nights sleep. & take a nap if you need too – I feel my most refreshed after a quick 15 minutes of shut eye.

All the studying may drive you crazy, so take a break for at least 30 minutes to an hour! Treat yourself to a nice face mask – I like Ayesha from Lush, it’s a skin tightening mask – erases all the wrinkles caused from frowning & worrying about FINALS. Watch a a show on Netflix or listen to a podcast, my current obsession is the LadyGang Podacast on iTunes. Read a magazine. Eat something sweet & healthy like strawberries (or open a bottle of that Trader Joes college budget $5.99white wine) You can set aside this time for yourself or if you & your roommates are in need of a break, then play a card game too!

And that’s the Genius Study Guide on how to get through finals week! Let me know if any of these tips help you during this time of the year & if you have any study tips of your own. Off to go study! VivaLaFoxBlog xx


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