Our Mission to Happy Hour

The other day Hunter and I had plans to head over to Hayes Valley, (Hayes St. in particular) have lunch at Souvla and if the weather permitted, nap at Alamo Square Park. We did just that. Lunch was delicious; I had the chicken salad & he had the lamb gyro. (HIGHLY recommend this place. Selection is healthy, fresh & filling; you can’t go wrong here) The weather was also beautiful, and thanks to daylight savings by the time we woke it was decided we should stay out as long as the sun was out. Most touristy places close at 5:00pm: museums in Golden Gate Park, Coit Tower, the Exploratorium, so find somewhere with HAPPY HOUR was our only option!

El Techo De Lolinda was our first stop, and it was a mission to get here. Located across town in the Mission District at 2518 Mission St. we made it just in time for the last round of Happy Hour deals. El Techo is a rooftop bar with a spectacular view of the city as well as great Happy Hour deals. $4 Cervesas (beer) $5 Bar Bites $7 Margaritas, Mon-Fri 4-6:00pm. Hunter and I each ordered a margarita to start and then I had a Negra Modelo on draft and he had a bottle of Modelo Classico.
Blackbird Bar was our second stop.  Conveniently located in front of Church Station at 2124 Market St. This place has a cool vibe to it: copper and mirrored details, unique art, and a pool table. They have a list of deals so I am only going to list the prices of what we ordered. I had a $5 Whiskey Sour (try this if you’re looking for a signature cocktail) and Hunter ordered a $6 Old Fashioned. Happy Hour goes from 5-8:00pm Mon-Fri.

This was the first time I tried a Whiskey Sour. I usually order a Martini (Gin or Vodka, no preference) or a Moscow Mule when ordering a cocktail, but something about Hunters Old Fashioned made me want Whiskey. You have to enjoy whiskey if you plan on drinking it. Hunter told me his drink was more of a gentleman’s drink – the bold mixture of whiskey, bitters  garnished with an orange peel & it’s oils in a glass of ice – so he steered me into ordering a Whiskey Sour which is whiskey, sugar, and lemon juice. I think this cocktail brought us closer; we already have very similar tastes in a lot of things but this was the icing on the cake.

A toast: If you’re ever in the city, and you are 21, lets grab a drink my foxes. Or have lunch at Souvla. Seriously, a toast to life. VivaLaLife.


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