Workout: Wake Me Up

Morning and workout – now those are two things that I rarely use in the same sentence. I don’t know about you, but I hardly find time to workout, especially on the weekdays. My weekday mornings are fast paced & I follow a routine religiously that takes up my entire day. When I do have a day off, I’m just not motivated to workout. But lets face it; our bodies need some physical activity! So to get the blood moving, every morning right AFTER I hit the brew button on my drip-coffee maker, I do a quick workout right in my living room! This workout takes less than 10 minutes, and no equipment is needed. I don’t break a sweat, but I feel the burn & my body feels revitalized.
If you’re familiar with yoga poses, start by doing Sun Salutation & transition to Morning Tree. These poses can be done anytime through out the day, but I prefer to start my day by doing them. They reduce anxiety, boost blood circulation, strengthen your core (promotes a healthy digestive system) and can improve your body’s flexibility.

4 Rounds of Each
5 push-ups (Arms, Back, & Abs)
10 lateral lunges (Abs, Thighs, & Booty!)
20 squats (Abs and Booty)
30 side-to-side crunches, touch your ankles (Abs)


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