It’s February and love is in the air. The idea of love is everywhere – your local drugstore has Valentines Day decorations already half off, imprinting the idea that you should stock up on all things heart shaped and Pepto Bismal pink.

Valentines day can be a little over bearing if you don’t have some one special in your life, but do not fear because there is a special someone in your life worth celebrating. Someone that you should celebrate and spoil with dark chocolate kisses, and sweet X’s and O’s all year. That someone, is you. 

Every day during the month of February I am going to celebrate myself. I am going to get to know ‘me’, and importantly love me. I will tell myself of the things that I have done that have made me proud. I will forgive myself for past mistakes. I will embrace my appearance. I will put my needs first.

This is not because I think I am amazing, but this is because sometimes I forget what makes me special. I forget about my passions or what I want to accomplish or what I have accomplished. So for these next 29 days – yes there is an extra day in February this year – I will have a positive outlook, and feel successful because of how sure I am with my decisions and myself.

Join me and love yourself. Flirt with yourself in the morning. Smile at your reflection in the mirror. Scribble on some paper a compliment.

love yourself


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