…but what if Monday’s were optional?

If Monday’s were optional; I would take at least 12 Monday’s off a year. Monday is the first day of the week, well the first day of all the weekdays, and sometimes many of us are just not prepared for the week ahead. We need another day to get things situated, or a day to ourselves, and I know Sunday is supposed to be that day; but I often find myself thinking about the week ahead, I never reach mental clarity. So imagine a world where you had the option to say no to Monday’s and were not obligated to make any commitments on that day – it could just be your day.

Lucky me, I had today off, and today happens to be Monday. I woke up bright and wide-eyed ready for the day.

8:00am, My morning started with a run; I try to run for an hour on most days but today I did that without worrying about time constraints.

11:00am, I went to meet with an academic advisor regarding some course clearances, and since the semester has not started; I was in and out of that appointment in no time.

12:20pm, starting to feel hungry. It was such a nice day out I figured I should eat out in the city, so I hopped on the M line and took a trip to Hayes Valley, where I visited the Juice Shop. I’ve never been to the Juice Shop but I love coming to Hayes Valley and visiting Hayes St. because there are so many quaint eateries and shops, as well as a public park that has trailers converted into “food trucks”. I ordered the “5 Seed” and “Lemon-Aid”. They use such fresh ingredients and make their juices daily, I’m definitely coming back. Juice was a good choice, because it’s also “Meatless Monday”




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