Packers vs. Raiders

I participate in #NFLSunday every week, and have since I was little girl. This season I got to see NFL history live. For the first time ever, I attended week XV’s ( Dec 20) Oakland Raiders vs. Green Bay Packers game at the Coliseum Stadium in Oakland, California. I have never been to an NFL game, that includes preseason, regular season, playoffs, and obviously the Super Bowl; so this was a great deal to me.According to, in 2014, over 2 million viewers tuned in to watch NFL games in the US; that’s about 80% of homes with televisions and 68% potential viewers (restaurants). So whether or not you have a team you cheer for (college football is just as fun), or have ever watched a whole game; take a look at my first hand experience below & tell me you aren’t suddenly filled with adrenaline & want to go. Fall in love with the fans, the energy, the teams – the experience as whole. btw GO PACK GO.

How did I even get an opportunity like this? Well like I had mentioned, I am a Packers fan, not a rookie – in sports, a rookie is an athlete who is still in their first season. My boyfriend knew I had been wanting to go to a live game & so he invited me; I mean he did introduce me to the Packers so it was like an OUR thing type of experience. He & his whole family are Packers fans;  so being surrounded by the energy and constant yelling in my ears “GO PACK GO” it was hard not to convert. Also this game was taking place at a stadium – the BLACK HOLE – only a 45 min BART ride away from where I live in San Francisco; so duh I went.

We met up with his dad & his friends who have been going to Raider games every year for the past 26 years. There we had a tailgate, met some Raider Nation vs. Cheese Head fans, drank tons of beer (thanks @Budlight), waited in long lines for the restroom & cheered so hard in the freezing rain- and I was lent a Packers jersey to wear. Being apart of a Raider Nation pack, this was not a joke, they knew I was a fan & they respected that – so I proudly wore #4 Brett Favre.

I will ever forget this game. Packers came out against the Raiders. We walked through the stands as John Kuhn scored a touchdown in the first quarter; which was a sight to see. The field is a lot smaller then it appears on camera, but the energy of the crowd is 10x louder & you can feel the love. So if you are ever offered the opportunity to go to a game, go. Go with someone who is a fan if you aren’t or go with someone you know will get on your level & appreciate it as much as you. This was an experience I want you to try.

SO A TOAST: Good luck to all the teams the rest of this 2015 season. Green Bay has locked their position in the playoffs, and I am excited. P.S. I am also a #NewEnglandPatriots fan. Team #12 #Brady & #Rodgers.

xx VivaLaFoxBlog


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