Most people aren’t eager to wait in line from 7:00am/9:00am for a puff pastry -They will wait in line, at the coffee shop on the corner if they find parking and have 15 minutes to spare on their way to work. But in San Francisco, if something is that good & worth the wait or the ‘gram’, then you can count on there always being a line out the door..

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, which is located at 1042 Larkin St. San Francisco, has had a long line out their door for the last year and a half. They are open every day from 8:00am – 3:30pm or until they have sold out of their pastries; but that is a common for most bakeries. Their main attraction is their cruffin, a croissant-muffin dipped in sugar, and with a flavored filling inside that changes almost daily. They are available for purchase at 9:00am and you can purchase up to 2 per person. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse bakes about 150 cruffins a day, so the line is worth the wait if that is what you intend to sink your teeth into.

I have been in this line about 5 times. I suggest going with someone else, so that in the mean time one of you can wait in line and the other can go start filling up a box with other delectable sweet pastries. Gluttonous, I know.Yesterday 12/18/2015, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse had Raspberry Vanilla Bean cruffins. My intention was to only buy  4 cruffins but I turns out I had a big sweet tooth and well –


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